Acting as
a general contractor

"Neftekhimproekt", SC (Russia) serves as a main contractor in the design of facilities of different complexity. Due to the skills and knowledges in the efficient use of labour, financial, material, technical and time resources, the main contractor implements a full set of functions to manage the design of a facility. The main contractor is highly responsible for the success of the investment-construction project at all its stages.

We, as the main contractor, are also responsible for the compliance with the law, environmental, labor protection and industrial safety standards.

"Neftekhimproekt", SC (Russia) is your experienced and reliable partner in project development and management. We are fully responsible for the timeliness, quality and completeness of all works specified in the main contract. Thanks to the efficient work at each of the design stages, we maintain constant communication between all of the project participants in order to ensure full control over the timely and high-quality performance of the functions assigned to each party of the contract. Nowadays, the experience of Western countries is widely used in the parameter determination process while managing the project or performing the functions of a main contractor in construction. Such terms as EPCM, EPCS, or PCM are widely and increasingly used.
Performing the functions of the main contractor, "Neftekhimproekt", SC (Russia), is guided by the customer's interests in the first place. Non-compliance with project deadlines and budgetary diversions are the most common reasons for claims-making to main contractor on the part of the customers. Implementing a full set of services for managing the design processes, we rely on strict compliance with the project estimates and on a schedule for each stage of work regardless of whether we are a direct performer of works or a controller over subcontractors.