Occupational and environmental protection

The operation of any object, from an apartment building to a production complex, harms nature, land and its soil, water and other objects, air. The task of the designer is to prevent and reduce such impacts and risks. To this end, a whole section with environmental activities is included in the project documentation.

We provide a service for the development of the project section "List of activities for Environmental protection" by highly qualified employees of the Company who have many years of experience in the development of this section.

 Environmental activities are developed in the project in the following areas:
- assessment of risks of impact on natural resources and the environment (this may depend on the classification of the object to the hazard classes);
- development of solutions for wastewater treatment and emissions, reducing pollution of water bodies, air, and soil;
- choice of methods of rational use of land and other resources;
- selection of building materials, structures, equipment, networks, and communications, complying with the requirements of environmental and environmental legislation;
- development of decisions for regular monitoring of the state of emissions and pollution, timely notification in case of emergencies.