Social policy

Over the 70-year success story, the main capital of SC "Neftekhimproekt" are people, who are now in the company more than 200 people. Thanks to the professionalism and daily efforts of the Institute's team, each calendar year ends with good production and economic indicators.

We preserve traditions that contribute to team building, strengthening team spirit and the formation of production culture, support young professionals, and pay great attention to the development and training of employees. We are sure that investing in people is the most high-yilding investment in today's world, which will definitely come to fruition.

While hiring the employees, the requirements of the Labor Legislation of the Russian Federation are met.

Professional adaptation of newly hired employees is carried out in the field in accordance with individual plans and the use of mentoring.

Assessment of the professional level and quality of performance of functional duties of employees is carried out in accordance with the developed and approved procedure of periodic certifications.

To improve the professional level of employees, various types of training are used: advanced training courses, participation in seminars, conferences, the study of new literature, conducting technical training financially supported by the organization, providing conditions for training in graduate school, universities and secondary special educational institutions - additional paid leave is provided for participation in examination sessions, preparation and defense of the thesis.

To attract young specialists at the Institute there is an opportunity for pstudents to attend industrial and pre-graduate practice in various fields at the Institute. Every year applications are submitted to universities stating the need for young specialists.

The purpose of social support for employees of SC "Neftekhimproekt" is to promote the improvement of the quality of life of employees and the effectiveness of their work. As a result of the adoption of a set of measures to provide employees with additional social services and benefits compared to the legislation of the Russian Federation, a "social package" of the company's employees was formed, which includes:

· Voluntary medical insurance
· Periodic medical examinations of employees
· Annual flu vaccination, fluorography
· Organization of excursions, sports, and cultural events
· Rent of grounds for mass sports
· Children's New Year's gifts and New Year's matinee for children and grandchildren of employees
· Material assistance in connection with the birth of a child, registration of the first marriage, death of close relatives, expensive treatment
· One-time remuneration for long-term and conscientious work on the occasions of anniversary date as well as retirement
  · Free parking lot for 175 cars

The labor market does not always provide an opportunity to choose competent and qualified specialists. Therefore, one of the strategic tasks of the further development of the Institute is the training of the staff reserve. In addition, students of the universities of KGASU, KNRTU annually undergo practical training at the Institute.

The task of functioning the system of motivation and stimulation of employees is to ensure the direct and stable interest of each employee of the institute in achieving the planned efficiency of personal labor activity and collective results of work, and if possible in improving the results compared to the planned ones.

SC "Neftekhimproekt" annually plans a list of measures for the implementation of social programs.

Activities planned on an annual basis include:
— Diagnostics, treatment, disease prevention, fluorography, vaccination
— Health Days (participation in the ski cross "Ski Track of Russia")
— Participation in the All-Russian Running Day "Cross of the Nation"
— Championships in mini-football, volleyball, table tennis, billiards
— Holidays held in conjunction with school sponsored by the institute
— Boat excursions for employees and pensioners – former employees of the Institute
— Year-round visit to the pool, seasonal visit to the ice arena.

As a steadily developing company SC "Neftekhimproekt" confidently looks to the future without forgettng about the past. Having a long history of development, we honor and appreciate the rich experience of people who stood at the origins of the institute, labor veterans who gave the best years of their lives for the benefit of the prosperity of their native land. That is why we pay great attention to taking care of the pensioners and make sure that our retired employees still consider themselves the full-fledged staff memebers of the institute. We believe that the professional and spiritual continuity of generations is the basis for the formation of a corporate culture of a prosperous company.

To increase social security and material support for labor veterans and pensioners of the company, they are provided with targeted material assistance for medical treatment and on the occasion of the death of close relatives. Bonuses are paid for holidays and anniversaries.